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Somatics - Body Awareness

Imagine your body is like a computer, the mind is the software, the body the hardware.

Every time you have a thought it creates a reaction, or tension in your body. If you know how you can close that programme down, you can carry on working effectively. If you don't and leave it running you run out of memory pretty quickly and everything goes into a slow grind or worse freezes and crashes.

This course is like building up a toolbox of strategies to cope with all kinds of issues, and ailments of the body and mind. Take just the 5 weeks course to give you an over view or keep coming weekly to practice the good postural patterns so that they become habitual and help to prevent future injuries.  Learn techniques that can help alleviate issues such as migraine and eye strain when they occur. This is a developing field which is gaining more and more scientific understanding and backing and which I am always finding out more about, so I am adding new exercises all the time.  

This is not about going for the burn and slogging your guts out, this is about the subtleties, which make it great for everyone, from the professional dancer to the barely movers. 

"I had back problems for as long as I could remember and lingering knee problems from an old injury that never seemed to heal properly.   A friend recommended Fulya’s Somatics class to me and having had no luck with doctors I gave it a try.

Fulya worked with me to find out exactly where the problems were, taught me to understand how my body works and how it's all connected.  Doing the exercises she gave me has improved my back problems dramatically and my knee is getting better every week!

I cannot recommend her enough, she really knows her stuff!" Peter Chaplin, Northampton

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